EuroBowl Malta 2022 Rulespack

The Tournament uses the Bloodbowl 2020 edition Exhibition play rules. The English version will be used to settle any discrepancies in the rules or rulespack between versions in different languages.

Any rule releases (including Team updates, new Teams, star Players, etc.) after 12th December 2021 will not be considered. The FAQ released in May has been adopted fully. No teams released after December are allowed.


Squad refers to a Team of 8 or 4 individuals (EuroBowl and EuroOpen respectively).
Coach refers to the individual persons who make up a Squad.
Team refers to the list of miniatures rostered for a Coach to play with.
Players refers to the individual miniatures in a Team.

Squad Building

Races can only be selected once per Squad.


Each Squad is to be composed of 8 Coaches.
Squads must be composed of at least 5 Coaches of that Squad’s nationality or residency (FIFA rules apply).

For a Squad, representing a nation that wishes to compete for hosting rights, the minimum number of Coaches from the nationality or residency of that Squad needs to be 6 instead of 5. Furthermore, the nation needs to have had a Squad participate in two out of the last 3 EuroBowl tournaments.

At this EuroBowl, nations outside of Europe will be allowed to participate. They will follow the same above rules with the exception that they cannot compete for hosting rights.

Each Squad can nominate one EuroOpen Squad as a support Squad. Should an emergency occur during the tournament which will prevent a Coach from competing (E.G. A Coach falls ill on Sunday morning) a Coach from the Support Squad may replace them using the same roster of the missing Coach.

A Squad that substitutes a Coach in this manner must still comply with the above nationality or residency requirements.


Each Squad is to be composed of 4 Coaches.
No nationality or residency restrictions will apply.

Team Building
Each Team has a total of 1,150,000gp to spend on roster creation and must hire a minimum of 11 Players.

Any GP unspent at roster creation are lost and all Teams are considered to have the same Current Team Value (CTV) for the purpose of inducements and prayers to Nuffle.

This is a resurrection tournament, no SPP are gained, and injuries, casualties or deaths do not carry on from one game to the next.

Players added to a Team roster mid game as a result of the Masters of Undeath or Plague Ridden special rule are removed from the roster at the end of the game and do not carry on to the next.

Permitted inducements are:
• Halfling Master Chef 0-1
• Bloodweiser Kegs 0-2
• Bribes 0-3 (Bribes cannot be taken in a Team with a Player that starts with, or is given the Sneaky Git Skill. Bribes gained from the ‘Get The Ref’ kick-off result are still allowed.)
• Wandering Apothecaries 0-2
• Mortuary Assistant 0-1
• Plague Doctor 0-1

All other inducements including Star Players are not permitted unless indicated by the Tier Restrictions below.

Teams are separated into 1 of 5 Tiers and offered Tier specific skills packs (labelled A to D).

Each Team is permitted to stack 2 Primary Skills on a maximum of 1 Player at the cost of both 1 Primary Skill and 1 Secondary Skill. This can only be done once.
All skills must be chosen and cannot be random.


A Coach playing with a Human Team, chooses to use skill pack ‘B’. They stack Mighty Blow (+1) and Tackle onto one Blitzer. Doing so would cost the Coach 1 Primary and 1 Secondary Skill at Team creation.

A Player who is assigned a secondary skill may choose to take a primary skill instead.

For Skill packs which allow star Players, the following Star Players have an additional skill cost as specified below:

• Griff Oberwald, Morg’N’Thorg: 3 Primary Skills
• Deeproot Strongbranch, Hakflem Skuttlespike, Kreek Rustgouger, Wilhelm Chaney: 1 Primary Skill
If the Team does not have enough skills available in the chosen skill pack to pay the above skill cost, that star Player cannot be taken.
Each star Player may only be included once in a Squad.
Star Players can only be induced after 11 Players have already been rostered.


1. A Coach playing with a Halfling Team, chooses to use skill pack ‘D’. They want to add both Griff Oberwald and Deeproot Strongbranch to the Roster. These two Star Players cost an additional 4 skills in total, however skill pack ‘D’ only gives a total of 3 primary skills and therefore the Coach cannot induce this combination of star Players.

2. A Coach playing with a Wood Elf Team, chooses to use skill pack ‘C’. They want to add Morg’N’Thorg to the Roster. This costs them 3 skills and leaves the Team with 0 additional skills to assign to the rest of the roster. Once Morg’N’Thorg has been induced by this Coach no other Coach in the Squad may also induce Morg’N’Thorg.

Should two Players with the same Star Player face each other, the wizards of the Maltese islands will clone that star Player such that both Coaches can make use of the Star Player.

Tier 1
Chaos Dwarf, Dark Elf, Dwarf, Lizardmen, Orcs, Shambling Undead, Wood Elf:
A. 6 Primary Skills
B. 4 Primary Skills + 1 Secondary Skills
C. 3 Primary Skills + Access to 1 Star Player
D. 0 Primary Skill + Access to 2 Star Players

Tier 2
Amazon, Human, Necromantic Horror, Norse, Skaven, Underworld Denizens:
A. 7 Primary Skills
B. 5 Primary Skills + 1 Secondary Skill
C. 4 Primary Skills + Access to 1 Star Player
D. 1 Primary Skills + Access to 2 Star Players

Tier 3
Black Orc, Chaos Chosen, Elven Union, Imperial Nobility, Khorne, Nurgle, Slaan, Tomb Kings:
A. 7 Primary Skills + 1 Secondary Skill
B. 5 Primary Skills + 2 Secondary Skills
C. 5 Primary Skills + Access to 1 Star Player
D. 2 Primary Skills + Access to 2 Star Players

Tier 4
Chaos Renegades, High Elf, Old World Alliance, Vampire:
A. 8 Primary Skills + 1 Secondary Skill
B. 6 Primary Skills + 2 Secondary Skill
C. 6 Primary Skills + Access to 1 Star Player
D. 3 Primary Skills + Access to 2 Star Players

Tier 5
Goblin, Halfling, Ogre, Snotling:
A. 8 Primary Skills + 2 Secondary Skills
B. 6 Primary Skills + 3 Secondary Skill
C. 6 Primary Skills + Access to 1 Star Player
D. 3 Primary Skills + Access to 2 Star Players


Miniatures representing Players are to be painted up to tabletop standard, defined as follows:
1. Each major element on a miniature is defined by an appropriate colour, e.g., flesh/skin versus armour/cloth
2. Bases are finished with paint or flocking material, e.g., sand/grass
3. No primer or bare metal/plastic shows anywhere on the miniature
Thematic proxy miniatures are allowed. For instance, using bats as vampires is fine but using an orc to represent a human is not.
Different Player types for the race being played by the Coach need to be identifiable. It is suggested that Players are additionally identified by use of colour coded bases, and the following colour coded bases are suggested:
• Grey/none: Lineman
• Red: Blitzer
• Green: Blocker
• White: Thrower
• Yellow: Catcher, Runner

Additional skills must be clearly identified on the respective miniature.
We encourage the following colour codes for skill markers
• Blue: Block
• Yellow: Dodge
• Green: Guard
• White: Wrestle
• Red/Orange: Mighty Blow (+1) / Tackle
Skills not in the above list must still be clearly identified with a different colour of your choice.


In each round, a Squad will play against another Squad with all Coaches from one Squad playing a game against a Coach of the opposing Squad.

The draw will be random in the first round and Swiss thereafter for both Squads and individual matchups within the Squad pairings.


Registration TBD

Game 1
Game 2
Game 3


Game 4
Game 5
Game 6
Awards Ceremony


Win = 2 Squad points
Draw = 1 Squad points
Loss = 0 Squad points
Concession = -1 Squad points

Win = 2 Coach points
Draw = 1 Coach points
Loss = 0 Coach points
Concession = -1 Coach points


1st – Squad points
2nd – Coach points
3rd – Opponent squad score
4th– Net TDs
5th– Net CAS (only casualties which would award SPP will be counted)
6th– Random

1st – Score
2nd– Opponent score
3rd– Net TDs
4th – Net CAS (only casualties which would award SPP will be counted)
5th – Random

Rules of Conduct


All games will have a 2hour 15minute time limit. On Time-up all Coaches are required to put down dice and submit the results to their captains. Captains are to submit Team results within 5 minutes of time-up.

If one of the two Coaches facing off requests that a chess clock is implemented this must be implemented immediately dividing the remaining minutes (rounding down) by 2.

We strongly recommend that a chess clock is implemented immediately if 60 minutes or less are left and at least one Coach is not in the 2nd turn of the 2nd half.
Once implemented chess clocks can only be paused by a referee.

Should a Coach’s time run out on the chess clock, during their turn, that Coach can only stand-up Players and turn stunned Players to the prone position.

If a Coach suspects that their opponent is wasting time, they are to call a referee immediately.

Should the above not be adhered to referees and organisers will implement the penalty system below immediately.

Personal Conduct

We understand that Blood Bowl is a particularly emotional game and that Nuffle is a fickle master, however at no point should this be an excuse to abuse your opponent (verbally or otherwise), or to interrupt or impact other games.

We must all understand that attendees all come from different backgrounds, cultures, and ways of seeing things. Words and actions need to be more measured in such an environment. While swearing and a flying dice cup is acceptable in certain areas, it isn’t in others. We will not expect abuse from or to anyone especially referees and organising team. There will be a zero-tolerance policy and penalties below will be enforced.

Dice cups, trays and towers are not only permitted but encouraged.
If one of the two Coaches facing off requests that one dice pool is used this must be done. The organisers reserve the right to change this rule as required by any COVID restrictions at the time.

At the start of game Coaches facing off are encouraged to define for their game how to handle cocked dice and dice which escape from dice cups.

If a Coach suspects their opponent of misconduct, they are to call a referee immediately.

Should the above not be adhered to referees and organisers will implement the penalty system below immediately.

Penalty Points

1st Offence: Warning
2nd Offence: 2 Coach points will be deducted from the offending Coach.
3rd Offence: 1 Squad point will be deducted from the Squad of the offending Coach.
4th Offence: Offending Coach is sent-off. (Bribes or argue the call are not allowed)
This is a guideline, and the organising Team and referees may apply more severe penalties in earlier offences.

Covid Rules

Whatever COVID regulations will be in place at the time of the tournament must be strictly adhered to. There will be no tolerance for breaches to these rules and the organising Team reserves the right to take any remedial action, up to but not limited to expulsion from the venue to any person present, Coach or otherwise.
Please note that current restrictions require all attendees to be in possession of a Maltese accepted COVID pass. The organising Team will be publicly communicating any changes.

Organizers Commentary

We do not want to be forced to issue any penalty points throughout this tournament. Please don’t make us do it.

Star Players

For ease of reference, the below star players are the ones allowed:

• Akhorne the Squirrel
• Crumbleberry & Grak
• Deeproot Strongbranch
• Eldril Sidewinder
• Frank ‘n’ Stein
• Glart Smashrip
• Gloriel Summerbloom
• Grak & Crumbleberry
• Gretchen Wachter
• Griff Oberwald
• Grim Ironjaw
• Grombrindal the White Dwarf
• Hakflem Skuttlespike
• Helmut Wulf
• Karla Von Kill
• Kreek ‘the Verminator’ Rustgouger
• Lord Borak the Despoiler
• Lucien Swift & Valen Swift
• Max Spleenripper
• Mighty Zug
• Morg ‘n’ Thorg
• Roxanna Darknail
• Rumbelow Sheepskin
• Scyla Anfigrimm
• Skrull Halfheight
• The Black Gobbo
• Valen Swift & Lucien Swift
• Varag Ghoul-Chewer
• Wilhelm Chaney
• Willow Rosebark
• Zolcath the Zoat
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